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Site SEO

On Page (site), Search Engine Optimisation

Site SEO is about getting your website returned in the free listings for the keywords that relate to your website content. Sounds simple but you have to remember one thing, thousands (or perhaps tens of thousands) of others also want their site to be get on to Page 1 of the returned listings. There are usually only ten spots on Page 1 so this is kind of a tough competition to win! In fact the only way you can win is by doing everything possible to make your site stand out from your competitors - at least as far as the Search Engines are concerned. Got a great looking site with fantastic pictures? Pity the Search Engines can't see them! Actually your site needs to appeal to both human AND robotic web crawlers for your site to be successful.

Site SEO is for the robot crawlers, good layout, images and sensibly placed content is for the humans that you want to take action (an enquiry or sign up of some sort). It is not much good if your web site does get on Page 1 but then because of unappealing content presentation, it fails to generate much response.

So you use your website to sell a product or service - but are you selling enough?

Perhaps your website is either not getting enough traffic, or perhaps the traffic you do get is not converting, what's wrong?

We will tell you, ask us for a FREE SEO analysis of your site.
  • Have you identified keywords and used them with your site?
  • Is your website optimised with the BEST keywords?
  • Where is your website positioned in the SERP's for these keywords?
  • Do you know the keywords your competition is using?
  • Do you have incoming links with your keywords in the anchor text?
  • Is your website traffic readily generating leads or sales conversions?

Get a FREE SEO Report
This report will give you detailed information about how Search Engines view your site and explain what needs to be done to better position it for your business - all for free!

Along with the report you will also receive a quotation for an SEO project designed to get you on Page 1 of the SERP's for your main keywords.

If you proceed, our clear monthly reporting will show how your site's position in the SERP's has improved, so there's no hiding place - you will know for sure that the SEO project is working.

Get Free SEO Report