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Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Get Your Website On Page 1 of Google

If you need a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist then you've come to the right place! Perhaps you use your website to sell a product or service - but are you selling enough?

Perhaps your website is either not getting enough traffic, or perhaps the traffic you do get is not converting, what's wrong?

Our search engine optimisation consultants will tell you - Ask us for a FREE SEO analysis of your site.

  • Have you identified your best keywords and used them with your site?
  • Is your website optimised for the BEST keywords?
  • Do you know the keywords your competition is using?
  • Where is your website positioned in the SERP's for the best keywords?
  • Do you have incoming links with your keywords in the anchor text?
  • Is your website traffic generating leads or sales conversions?

What does SEO cost?  Maybe you should ask yourself, "What is NOT being on Page 1 costing me?"

We offer a range of SEO packages from as little as £195 a month. It is easier to get some sites on Page 1 than others because of the differing competition levels in different markets. We use specialist keyword analysis tools to gain an understanding of your competition levels and suggest the best keyword strategy to move forward. If you give us your website URL and we'll quickly come back to you with a suitable package once we've analysed your site and competition levels.

Are all SEO campaigns equal?

Definitely not! Some should come with a web site health warning!!!
It is possible to use some spam techniques to rapidly get your site positioned on Page 1 but Search Engines are not stupid, in fact the major ones are very sophisticated. They react to being 'conned' which is how they see some of the spam techniques used for "flash in the pan" results and they may penalise, or black list your site following what might have been, an initial Page 1 listing.

SEO is a methodical activity that includes on page changes some of which will be visible and some invisible (source code changes) all designed to improve how a SE sees, and then rates your site. Clearly a balance between human and SE perception has to be struck and in most cases it is the same because the SE's strive to return the most relevant sites on Page 1 for any given keyword search. The other major elements that determine your site's fate in searches is the number of sites that link to yours and critically, the type of links used, along with the type of page it is on. Link strategy is crucial and Digimedia has been very successful at building link networks that deliver consistent results with staying power i.e. Page 1 listings that stay there.

Get a FREE SEO Report
This report will give you detailed information about how Search Engines view your site and explain what needs to be done to better position it for your business - all for free!

Along with the report you will also receive a quotation for an SEO project designed to get you on Page 1 of the SERP's for your main keywords.

If you proceed, our clear monthly reporting will show how your site's position in the SERP's has improved, so there's no hiding place - you will know for sure that the SEO project is working.

Get Free SEO Report