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Pay Per Click (AdWords) Management Service

Reduce Costs & Maximise Your Conversions!

As with all systems, the better you know the system the better you can use it. Make no mistake about it, if you use Pay Per Click campaigns (such as Google AdWords) really well, you will certainly achieve more sales than your competitors and at less cost per sale. A lot of companies that use Pay Per Click do so by assigning someone internal to set up and manage their campaigns thinking that they will save money using internal resource. Take a good look at the return, are you REALLY saving money?

A number of our clients have learned that Pay Per Click is not as simple as it first appears and this is proven by the fact that many of our clients have been with us for 2+ years which, in this results driven world, means we get it right. Even taking into account our fees, we get more sales for less cost.

Keyword Research

Using the correct keywords is super critical Use keywords that are both cost effective and which offer sufficient opportunity through monthly search volumes

Bid Management

Do not try and outbid major competitors Spending the most money is not necessarily the best strategy - being smarter and faster is!

Clear Reporting

Are you getting a satisfactory return on your expenditure? It really is all about the results. We provide clear monthly reports that show that we deliver on our promises.

Pay Per Click Works!
An effective AdWords campaign will surely have a very positive effect on your online business as part of the marketing mix.

Online business is all about keywords. We identify the keywords which will work best for you and build an online strategy that could include both Pay Per Click for short term results, and SEO for longer term profitability. Pay Per Click can deliver results very quickly but mix PPC with increasing traffic from the free listings and you will see the cost per sale fall, and your margins increase over time.

With a Pay Per Click campaign such as Google AdWords, you could see Advertisements for your product or service, appearing in the sponsored listings area (paid advertisement area) of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) within 15 minutes of the campaign going live. SEO on the other hand can take anything from a few weeks to months for your site to appear high up in the SERP's (depending upon the competition level in your market and other key factors).

Paid Ads

If you have already tried running your own Pay Per Click campaigns you'll know that it is very easy to spend a lot of money and perhaps not gain a good return - if this is your situation then STOP! Try professional PPC management, you will be very surprised at the difference it can make, especially when you judge the cost versus the return. We provide clear monthly reporting so you will know for sure how your campaigns are performing, but you will already know that from the level of conversions achieved over the month.

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